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Stencils for solder paste or glue application, with or without metal frame 

Type of material: Stainless steel 

Production process: etching or Lasered

Thickness: 100μm, 120μm, 150μm, 200μm.

Easy Stretch Stencil Frame ES 4050

You need only 2" to Change and Stretch a new Stencil just fast and easy

Standard Stencil Frame not Adjustable.

Dimensions of Standard Frames:


300*400mm (Valid area 140*240mm) / 370*470mm (Valid area 190*290mm) / 420*520mm (Valid area 240*340mm)

450*550mm (Valid area 270*370mm) / 584*584mm (Valid area 380*380mm) / 400*600mm (valid area 220*400mm)

550*800mm (Valid area 350*450mm) / 736*736mm (Valid area 500*500mm) / 500*800mm (Valid area 320*600mm)

400*900mm (Valid area 250*700mm) / 400*1200mm (Valid area 220*1000mm) / 400*1500mm (Valid area 250*1200mm)